Application for Erasmus for Study 2020/21: deadline 2nd March

The Erasmus Call for periods of study abroad in European countries participating in the Erasmus+ Programme and in Swiss Universities participating in the SEMP Programme for the year 2020/21 has just been published.

Candidacy is open from Tuesday the 4th February, and will remain open until midday on Monday 2nd March 2020, according to the procedures detailed by Article 7 of the Erasmus Call.

The Erasmus CallAttachment I (a table of valid linguistic qualifications), Attachment II (the requirements and additional selection criteria for each of the Erasmus Areas), an up-to-date list of available host Universities and a list of the expected courses which will exempt you from taking the language test, in accordance with the conditions detailed by the Erasmus Call are all published on the Erasmus Student website: click here!
The web pages will be continuously updated with all necessary information: thus we invite those of you who are interested to consult the web pages regularly.

We also invite you to pay particular attention to Article 8 of the Erasmus Call (Selection and Ranking), with particular regard for point no. 2: Language Proficiency, which refers to the compulsory Language Test for candidates (languages tested, enrolment in the test, the administration period, exemption cases, etc.).

Let us remind you that enrolment in the test/s is compulsory and it is not automatically done upon admission of your candidacy to the Erasmus Call. It is necessary to complete, in accordance with the terms stated by the Erasmus Call, both enrolments (admission of application and enrolment to the language test).

There are also language preparation options offered by the Student Language Centre (refer to Article 14 of the Erasmus Call).

Furthermore, Erasmus Area Infodays have also been scheduled and organized by the Erasmus/International Mobility Delegates and Vice-delegates, for information on academic aspects as well as information on the available host Universities. The calendar with all the informative events is accessible from the Erasmus Student website.

We wish you all a great Erasmus!