April 14th: it is possible again to attend on premises! Read how!

Dear all,

as you have seen from the Rector’s email on Wednesday 14 the lessons
will restart in mixed mode (in the classroom and live also usable via Zoom).

I remind you:

1) At the beginning of each lesson, ONLY students present in the
classroom will be registered for traceability for COVID-19 purposes
through the MyUnipv app (ONLY for students) or the link
https://unipv.appmobile.cineca.it / (for both teachers and students). It
is important that you have set up a connection to the Edurom wifi
network, which you can access by putting your credentials in the form
CODICE-FISCALE@unipv.it, PASSWORD (of the University) (for more details
see http: //www-5.unipv .it/eduroam /), in case your data connection
does not work.

2) based on the preferences expressed by April 1, from April 14 to 16
all students who have requested through the application
frequenzainpresenza.unipv.it to follow the lessons in the classroom can
do so (if you do not remember the preference you indicated in moment of
the last photograph you can connect to the application where you will
find this information under each course). Any updates in your
preferences will be photographed Wednesday 14th at 12 and will be valid
for 2 weeks starting from Monday 19th April.

3) to carefully follow all the instructions on the site
and in particular of always keep the mask on.

Have a good return and we hope it lasts until the end of the semester!

Lalo Magni