How to accept our unconditional offer!a.y. 2020/2021

Students holding an unconditional offer can accept from 1st July 2020.

Classes are going to start at the end of September. 

It is important that you have applied for pre-enrollment and enrollment by that time or you will not be able to attend them (even if just online).

We will wait for an answer about your visa application within November 30th.

Information about pre-enrollment and visa application here!

Our final goal is to have you here in Pavia as soon as health directives and travel restrictions will allow it, but in the meantime you will access all our online services. 

All students who received an unconditional offer by our faculty (except students for Msc in Civil Engineering for Mtigation of Risks from Natural Hazards) need to confirm that they accept their offer following the instructions on this online guide from the 1st July 2020:

Online guide on how to accept your unconditional offer.

You will be asked to upload a list of documents stated in the guide. The online procedure will open on the 1st July. The official annoucement will be published soon.

Important Information:

  • Please note that if you had a conditional offer you are required to take the test before you can confirm your seat
  • ONLY Industrial Automation Engineering, Electronic Engineering applicants: we can only accept a total of 40 non-EU/International students for a.y. 2020/2021.
  • ONLY  Computer Engineering applicants: we can only accept a total of 20 non-EU/International students for a.y. 2020/2021.
  • If you do not upload all the required documentation or/and you don’t follow the instructions written in the guide, your enrollment application will not be accepted.


  • First : Register and login to the University of Pavia Student Online area (from slide 4 to 12)
  • Second: enrollment (from slide 14 to 37)
  • Third: accept your unconditional offer (from slide 39 to 42)

The registration and login have to be done on this website:

The confirmation has to be completed on a different website with the temporary username and password given at the end of the registration:

Please read the guide carefully. You can write to one of these e-mail addressess (;; for more information and we are happy to help but if your request is regarding information described in the guide, your email will have low priority.


Once all the available places are taken, students can still express their interest through portal and their name will be included in the waiting list.

Every student should write their personal details and contacts and if a place becomes available because of a withdrawal or for any other reason, the list will be used in chronological order to assign available places. In order to be included in the waiting list is not necessary to upload the receipt of the payment. All the information about the waiting list, the availability of a place and enrolment will be sent to the e-mail address used for the registration to the waiting list. It is very important to track your mail