New message from the Rector about online exams and lessons!

Dear Students,

considering the continuation of the period of suspension of face-to-face classes, we have found a solution to manage written exams. In fact, as you know, so far they have taken place regularly, online, both oral and graduation exams, but written exams have been suspended since February 24.

All the tests that can be carried out in oral form, even if they were supposed to be done in writing, will be conducted orally. The rest will be carried out in written form and, to allow them, a working group is preparing the guidelines: they will be ready next week.

All the exams, postponed until today, will be carried on in the period March 28 – April 24: they will concern the teachings of the Course Degrees of the Faculty of Engineering and Medicine, and of the Departments of Biology and Biotechnology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Earth and Environmental Sciences. By the end of next week, in any case seven days before the starting date, the schedule of exams (specifying their modalities) will be available on the website of the Departments to which the various Degree Courses belong (or according to the other usual methods) and, therefore, in the reserved area of each student.

Law decree 78/2020, published on March 17, established that the last session for the graduation exam for the 2018-2019 academic year is postponed at 15 June 2020, i.e. 2 months after the deadline of 15 April, originally established. Consequently, students who will graduated by that date will be considered as graduated during the year 2018-2019. The next graduation sessions, already scheduled on the calendar, are confirmed, but a supplementary session will be scheduled for the first half of June.

Finally, I remind you that the deadline for the third installment of tuition fees, for the academic year 2019-2020 for bachelor and master’s degree courses, originally established for March 23, it has been extended to May 30.

We will continue with great attention and determination to look for best methods to allow other academic activities which are still suspended because of the emergency, starting from traineeships.

Best wishes, underlining that the University is active and close to you all.

Francesco Svelto
Rector of the University of Pavia