New procedures Language test Erasmus+ March 2020

Dear students,

following the recent measures adopted by the University of Pavia on the COVID-19 outbreak and their impact on the Erasmus+ call 2020/21 and the Overseas Exchange programme 2020/21 call, a new procedure has been defined by the International Relations Service concerning the language proficiency test organized by the University language Center.

The test will be held online and will be accessible from any pc with internet connection (we recommend to use Chrome or Mozilla Firefox).

You will need to register on the KIRO platform using your UNIPV credentials (tax code in capital letters and UNIPV password) following this procedure:

– Go to
– Select KIRO
– select Test online platform (see the screenshot here attached)
– select Erasmus+ folder
– select Erasmus+ 2020 folder
– select Marzo 2020 folder
– login with your UNIPV credentials to enter the test

You will need headphones connected to your pc to take the B2 and the C1 test.

The test will be only available from 9th to 13th of March, each day being dedicated to one different language. Only those students who did enrol in the test or officially asked to be enrolled (being currently abroad for an exchange mobility period) will be able to take the test in the language they choose.
Detailed information on the availability of the test on KIRO (day and time of availability for each test) will be published on the 4th of March on the Language Center website – selecting “Erasmus+ Test Linguistico e Attività Online”,

IMPORTANT: at the end of the test, each student will obtain a score corresponding to the language level attained.
It will then be compulsory to certify the level attained by filling in the attached self-certification form and send it on the test date to as a pdf or word attachment.
Only after having received the self-certification form, the Language center will send the test results to the International Relations Service for the necessary selection procedures defined by the Erasmus+ and the Overseas exchange programme calls.
Please note that the Language Center will not send any certificate of proficiency to the students.
Only those students who will be asked to provide a specific certificate by their hosting universities will be able to request it to the University Language center, which will issue it after having verified the language level certified by the student.