The Faculty of Engineering is celebrating its 50th Anniversary

On the 9th November in our Aula Magna the 50th Anniversary of the Faculty of Engineering has been celebrated with the Laurea magistrale honoris causa awarded to Captain Samantha Cristoforetti and a Rountable on “Our engineers in the next 50 years: what kind of learning?”


Prof. Lalo Magni, Dean of the Engineering Faculty – Prof. Fabio Rugge, Rector of the University of Pavia

During his opening speech of the roundtable the Dean of the faculty, prof. Lalo Magni, has reminded some of the most important steps gained in this first 50 years. He proudly highlighted as the faculty is currently renovating itself especially on the internationalization promoting 4 master degree programmes entirely taught in english and accepting a growing number of students holding a foreign bachelor and a growing number of double degree students.

He pressed everybody to place the teaching activities at the center of every decision and to place the second and third mission as a vital and necessary support to the teaching activity. Without them teaching will loose all its effectiveness. He completed his speech with a request and a proposal to firms and companies:

Be grateful for the school systems and the University. How ideal it would be that when you hire a student you donate a small ammount to the university who trained him or her. I believe that the true collaboration between university and the industry cannot be measured just with the number of joint researches and internships but with the number of students who are succefully hired.

Dott. Stefano Agnoli – Journalist for Corriere della Sera

During the roundtable with Dr. Stefano Agnoli (journalist for the Corriere della Sera), all the invited alumni expressed their gratidutes for the education received from Faculty of Engineering: Ing. Paola Bonadrini, Directeur des Opérations presso la società TIGF (Transport et Infrastructures Gaz France); Ing. Filippo Dadone, Regione Lombardia; Ing Marco Galli, Ferrari F1; Ing. Carlo Malacarne Snam S.p.a.; Ing. Pietro Palella ST Microelectronics.


Ing. Paola Bonandrini – TIGF

Ing. Filippo Dadone – Lombardy Area Direction

They all highlighted that the education of future engineering needs to be transversal and it has to give the new graduates the chance to learn new disciplines in a short time in order to keep up with the job market that will change and evolve. The ability to talk with experts from other diciplines will be one of the most important requirements for new engineers. Even the so called Soft Skills are becoming more important and they should be acquired not as a independent subject but through a learining activity that will be able to integrate them in everyday teachings.

Ing. Paola Bonandrini TIGF (Transport et Infrastructures Gaz France) – Ing. Filippo Dadone, Lombardy Region Direction – Ing. Marco Galli, Ferrari F1 – Ing. Carlo Malacarne, Snam S.p.a. – Ing. Pietro Palella, STMicroelectronics Italia

Prof. Fabio Rugge, Rector of the University of Pavia – Prof. Francesco Svelto, Prorector for Third Mission Activities – Prof. Lalo Magni, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering – Prof. Ivo De Lotto, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering from 1996 to 2002

dott. Massimo Depaoli – Mayor of Pavia