#closeatadistance : discover how to stay close, at a distance.

«We have tapped into our creativity with the moral obligation to continue to be a community. The universities have not closed. They have adapted. Continuing to stay close, at a distance. And come back, renewed, stronger than before.»

The University of Pavia and the Faculty of Engineering has adapted many services to the new health directives. Here there are dedicated pages with more information about how each activity has been trasformed so no one is left behind.


Lectures #closeatadistance

Exams #closeatadistance

Libraries services Distant (still), but (much) closer

Graduation #closeatadistance

Stay healthy, stay active @home

FAQ – University of Pavia

The video released by CRUI shows the prompt reaction of the Italian universities on coronavirus lockdown: 76,000 courses in just a month; 94% of the lectures held; 70,000 exams taken; 27,000 graduation sessions held; 1,4 million students involved.

Permit of stay

The activity of the Help Desk for International Students in the Questure (Via Rismondo 68) is interrupted. In order to ensure the service for the request or the renewal of the permit of stay, students can email permesso.soggiorno@unipv.it and attach their passport with study visa or (in case of renewal) their permit of stay.

University fee

The deadline for payment of the University fee has been postponed to May 30 (http://news.unipv.it/?p=46928).