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Pavia is a university town and it offers a unique welcome to students. The University of Pavia, UNIPV, on the other hand is renown for the high quality of its teaching and for its international atmosphere.

Graduate Day 2016

The UNIPV college system offers more than 2000 places to students every year. Living in a college means having access not only to a place to sleep and study but also to an amazing experience which is fondly remembered by all who experienced.

Many activities enrich the students’ life such as theatre, music and sport (most important are athletics and rowing but it is possible to practice many sports from beginners level to professional).

The Faculty of Engineering of the University of Pavia is one of the best Italian Engineering school.

Some students of the Robot Control course visited the Policlinico San Matteo of Pavia. A small group could even attend a true robotic surgery operation

Our students have access to:

  • Highly qualified teaching staff
  • Research and Teaching Labs not just classrooms
  • International Exchange Opportunities both Incoming & Outgoing:
  • Erasmus+ Double Degree Programs and more
  • Career Opportunities: Internships, Master Thesis with Partner   Firms and more
  • Tutoring and student collaboration programs

Job Fair – May 2017

Our Faculty is located in a campus outside city centre called Polo Cravino connected with the city centre and the station by bus. Our campus offers to students many services such as:

  • Sports Centres (CUS e Campus Aquae), with swimming pools, gyms, fitness centres, restaurants and health centre
  •  Wi-Fi, free for all student
  • Canteens
  • Science and Technology Library open to students, researchers and teachers. It has a big study room and a wide book and scientic magazine collection. Desk for online research and reading are also available to students
  • Green areas for outside activities and stuying