Italian grading system

University in Italy (not just us) use 30-point scale. In order to pass an exam it is necessary to gain a credit at least of 18.  A grade below 18,  from 0 to 17,  means that the student have failed the exam. Students only gain credits if they pass the exam.

The maximum grade that is possible to get is 30. A professor may add a “laude” to a 30 grade for exceptional examinitions.

Please note that students may refuse a grade and repeat the exam in a later session. The same happens if they fail.

At the end of each study program, the average exam grade of each student is calculated and translated on a scale, a degree raning, that goes from zero to one hundred and ten points. To this number, student may then acquire extra points during their thesis defense, graduating with a score that cannot exceed the maximum grade of 110 e lode.