Teaching Assessment Committee

Teaching Assessment Committee


Annovazzi Lodi Valerio (Professor – President)
Besana Daniela (Professor)
Frosini Lucia (Researcher)
Magrini Anna (Professor)
Minzioni Paolo (Researcher)
Segatti Antonio (Professor)
Stoppino Lidia (Professor)
Carrozzo Sebastiano (student)
Brancato Mirko (student)
Cuna Emanuele (student)
Petenzi Lucas (student)
Russo Massimiliano (student)
Setti Elisa (student)

The Teaching Assessment Committee has the task of monitoring our educational offer, the quality of our teaching activities and of our services offered to students by teachers and researchers. It also researches and finds key performance indicators for the teaching activities and it is also asked its opinions on the study programmes’ creation or elimination.

This committee monitors the teaching performances and it follows the current legislation in its composition: its members are chosen in equal parts from the teaching body and the student body.

The Faculty of Engineering choose the Teaching Assessment Committee in the Rectoral Decree of

a.y. 2016/2017 Inaguration Day – Rector Rugge

the 4/12/2013. The Decree states that the committee has to be made of 6 students and six teachers, chosen by the Faculty Executive Committe as representatives of the different scientific engineering areas of knowleddge. The six students are chosen from the students enrolled in the numerous study programmes.

Each committee meeting is followed by the issue of an official relation of the committe work.

The committee also studies the data sent by our university Quality and Statistical Services offices. The data also cover the student’s opinions collected by an online survey system. Students are asked to fill a survey for each class they take.