Quality Management

Quality does not create itself from nothing. It has to be built through a quality management system applied to the learning services offered by the study course – Fondazione CRUI

University of Pavia Quality Management System: AQ

Our university quality management system follows the rules and guidelines of the AVA system, a quality management system created by ANVUR to ensure that all italian universities issue learning services of high quality to their stakeholders.

ANVUR (Agenzia Nazionale di Valutazione del Sistema Universitario e della Ricerca) is our National Agency for the evaluation of universities and research.

Within our university quality management is ensured by:

  • Presidio di Qualità di Ateneo, a committee that monitors that the AVA system is applied and strengthened composed by the representatives of university main organization areas. They come from both from the teaching staff and the administrative staff. It is organized in a five subcommittees, one for each main university studying area
  • NUV – Nucleo di Valutazione (Quality Assessment Office for teaching and research activities): a committee that verifies the quality and efficiency of the learning and teaching activities as well as the research activities using criteria and key performance indicator established by our Teaching Assessment Committees. It also evaluates the scientific value and consistency of the curriculum of our teachers

Within our faculty quality management system is developed and managed by:

  • Teaching Assessment Committee with the task of monitoring our education offer, the quality of our teaching activities and of our services offered to students by teachers and researchers. It also researches and finds key performance indicators for the teaching activities and it is also asked its opinions on the study programmes’ creation or elimination.
  • Presidio di Qualità di Area: a subcommittee of the university “Presidio di Qualità” dedicated to the Engineering area, it has the task to monitor locally that the quality management system is developed and applied
  • Student Representative in the Executive Committee: they represent our main stakeholders, the students, and they are the voice we listen to improve ourself and our services
  • Tutoring Committee: a committee that organizes and manages the tutoring services to students. It is composed by both teachers and students.