Defense Committee (graduation day schedule)

During you defense session you will defend your thesis in front of a Committee composed by at least seven members (three members for bachelor’s degree). The list of teachers assigned to each Committee will be published on this webpage at least a week before the graduation day. In the same document you will find the schedule for your chosen graduation day.

Next graduation will be on July 14th 2021! Students are invited to check the deadline in the dedicated calendar(scroll down).

Classroom for presentation test!

Calendar and deadlines

Please note that there are very strict deadlines for applying to a defence session: check them in the Graduation Calendar that you may find at the end of this webpage before you decide to apply.

Graduation Session 2019_International StudentsOnce you acquired all the credits chosen in your study plan and they finished working on their master thesis, in order to graduate you have to apply to be admitted to a defense session. Usually students ask their tutor (italian: “Relatore”) which session it would be best to apply to.

The application is submitted online through your reserved area.

After completing the Questionario Laureandi and accessing to your Reserved Area, it is possible to fill out the Graduation Request within the deadline decided by your Department/Faculty.

Submission of the Graduation Request:

  • Select the voice “Conseguimento titolo” in your Reserved Area;
  • Fill out all the pages that you see. At the end of the procedure, print and sign the graduation’s request paper;
  • Go back to the Home page and upload the scan of the Request. You can do it through the  ‘Allega domanda conseguimento titolo’ button;
  • Complete the payments for the Graduation’s Admission in the “payments” section of youre Reserved Area (116,00 Euro (for the print of your Diploma, Graduation fees and the 16 euro for the virtual duty stamp). ATTENTION: without these payments it will not be possible to confirm your Graduation Request.

Submission of the thesis:

  • Insert the final title of your thesis and its English translation
  • Insert the name of your Supervisor andd Co-Supervisors (if needed)
  • Fill out a brief abstract of the contents of your thesis, both in Italian and English
  • Upload the abstract file and the thesis file in pdf/A format. When the thesis is uploaded, the Supervisor will receive a notification, in order to proceed with the validation.

WARNING! Graduating students of all Bachelor’s Degrees in Engineering do not have to submit a written paperwork, and in case of a short thesis it will be named “Relazione discussa in sede di esame finale”. It has to be sumbitted directly to the Commission during the Graduation exam.

Graduation Calendar and deadlines (valid from the 12th November 2020 graduation session)

Useful Information – Title page

Warning! The a.y. to be added to the Title page is a.y. 2019/2020 until the June 11th graduation session (included). Starting with the 13th July session please refer to a.y. 2020/2021.

Title Page for a Master Program’s Dissertation

Title Page – MASTER ONLY

The official english names of the dipartments are:

  • Civil Engineering and Architecture Department (Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile e Architettura)
  • Department of Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering (Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale e dell’Informazione).