Living in Pavia

Pavia and its University offer several accommodation opportunities to students who want to study and live here.

University Hall of Residence

The University of Pavia is renowned for its network of university halls of residence. In addition to the residential service, they offer teaching, leisure and training facilities/tools. In Pavia there are three kinds of colleges: colleges of merit, colleges run by EDiSU and private colleges.

Colleges of Merit

Studying in a College of merit means having available high-level facilities to support the whole

Collegio Borromeo

university course.

In order to be admitted to a college of merit, students have to take part in a competition and in order to keep a place in the College they have to annually meet the high performance requirements.

Further information can be found in the websites of the four colleges:

EDiSU Halls of Residence

Living in a College gives the opportunity to meet students from different countries, participate in tutoring and cultural activities reserved for pupils. Particular attentions aimed at students with disabilities; in some of the facilities home automation rooms are available, specially equipped with aids and technological solutions which promote autonomy and safety.

Admission to EDiSU colleges is through a public competition, which announcement is published every year on the Institution’s website.

Below is a full list of colleges with the direct link to their web pages:

Private Halls of Residence

Admission and retention procedures are defined by each College individually. Below we indicate some of the most renowned colleges and the link to their websites:

Looking for a house

Another accommodation option is to rent an apartment or a room.

In our notice board – placed in the atrium of the Engineering Faculty – students can find announcements for single beds or single bedrooms.

Other notice boards are available at the University headquarters (Strada Nuova, 65) or in the University Departments.

Temporary Solutions

For the first days/weeks, staying in a hotel, hostel or a B & B can be a temporary solution. The University Public Relations Department offers a list of available facilities in Pavia.