Find your group to attend on premises valid from October 26th to November 6th!

All groups are published in the attached file and on the Faculty website:

On the same page you may find an updated time schedule.

Depending on the classroom capacity, the number of requests and the weekly schedule, you will find out that students who requested to be on campus will be ALL authorized to join the class OR just students holding an EVEN number OR an ODD number. Different planning may be enforced by each professor (such as laboratory turnation)  and it will be shared personally by the professor in charge.
At the beginning of the lesson each professor will create a code so you can register your presence on MyUnipv App (read the attachment). I ask you to download the app on your mobile phone and remember to use wi-fi EUDOROAM. This registration is mandatory to keep track of all the students present (for all our sake) so. if needed. the health department may apply a screening in case of a positive case. Each time the current health regulations about Covid 19 will be reminded to all of you.

Safety on campus: 5 important rules!