IA E, EE, CE applicants: important news

ONLY NON-EU STUDENTS  applying to MSc in Industrial Automation Engineering. Please note that all the 40 places for the MSc in Industrial Automation Engineering are taken. You can register to the waiting list but that will not guarantee you a place, only that we will call you if there are any vacancies. We cannot enroll more than 40 non-eu students at the Msc in Industrial Automation Engineering.
ONLY  Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering applicants can still book their place. Please continue reading this article for more instructions about the process.
Congratulations on your admission to one of MSc! We are looking forward to meet you here in Pavia.

In order to accept the place offered at our University you need to follow the procedure described in this online guide. You will be asked to upload all the documents  listed in the guide. The online procedure will open on the 18th July. It will be possible to execute Step 1 before this date but it will not be possible to access Step 2 and Step 3.

Important Information:
  • Please note that if the Teaching Committee has stated that you have to take a test before you can be accepted one of our MScs, you cannot book a place before you have taken and succefully pass such test.
  • ONLY Industrial Automation Engineering, Electronic Engineering applicants: we can only accept a total of 40 non-EU/International students for a.y. 2018/2019.
  • ONLY  Computer Engineering applicants: we can only accept a total of 30 non-EU/International students for a.y. 2018/2019.
  • If you do not upload all the required documentation or/and you don’t follow the instructions written in the guide, your enrollment application will not be accepted.
  • There are three steps to follow described in the “Book your place@UNIPV” guide:
    • First Step Registration: you have to register to our students’reserved area. This is not a standard website registration, please read the instructions carefully. If you already registered to submit your pre-evaluation application, you may use the same username and passwrod
    • Second Step Online Enrollment: using the username and password you can access the reserved area and submit your enrollment application


    • Third Step Book your place: as we can accept only 30/40 students and we need you to confirm that you are taking your place on this other website. You will be asked to upload the payment for the first installement.
Please read the guide carefully. You can write to one of these e-mail addressess (info.ce@unipv.it; info.iae@unipv.it; info.ee@unipv.it) for more information and we are happy to help but if your request is regarding information described in the guide, your mail will have low priority.