Directives from the Rector: valid until January 31st 2021!

Our Rector, Prof. F. Svelto, has extented all previous directives and rules from the December 4th 2020 up to the January 31st 2021. All our rules will change and comply with national health directives if needed.

As far as academic activities at the University of Pavia are concerned, please note that until December 4th:
  • all the lessons will be done online, in streaming, at the same official time of the face-to-face lessons, and they will be recorded and available to students for, at least, 15 days; 
  • it will be possible to conduct, in presence,  educational laboratories, practical exercises and internships (the latter subject to the availability of the host institution) in strict compliance with the health safety regulations.  
  • research activity, thesis research and written exams can continue to be done face-to-face, following the health security measures.
For more information on these issues, please refer to the attached last message of the Rector.