Corsi propedeutici alle lauree magistrali a.a. 2022/2023

Per migliorare l’accesso alle lauree magistrali da parte di studenti con una preparazione di base eterogenea sono stati attivati alcuni corsi di didattica integrativa. L’obiettivo è di “rinforzare” le conoscenze di base necessarie per affrontare al meglio corsi di livello avanzato.

Informazioni sugli altri corsi in fase di organizzazione saranno pubblicate appena disponibili.

Essentials of Scientific Computing

Studenti del 1° anno di Lauree Magistrali iscritti a corsi di forte contenuto computazionale (ad es. Dinamica delle Strutture, Meccanica Computazionale, etc.) ma anche negli insegnamenti di progettazione (ad es. Strutture in c.a., Fondazioni, etc.) possono frequentare il corso in Essentials of Scientific Computing.

Presentazione del corso – ItalianoInglese

Advanced Mathematical Methods for Engineering: a.y.2022/2023

The purpose of this introductory course is to introduce the student to basic topics of Mathematical Analysis for functions in one and more variables.

The course is designed for those students who believe they have insufficient knowledge in Mathematical Analysis to follow the Advanced Mathematical Methods for Engineering course or for those students who need to refresh these arguments in their memory. Those who have attended, during their three-year degree, courses in Analysis 1,2 and a course in Methods can use the videolessons to recall some basic facts, essential for a correct understanding of the topics covered in the Advanced Mathematical Methods for Engineering course.

The Course consists in video-lessons which you can find at this link.

Fundamentals of control theory: a.a 2022/2023

This course, called “Fundamentals of automatic control”, is a good opportunity to align the knowledge of students who received a bachelor from a different university and to refresh the main knowledge of the local student. Even if the focus is posed on the system analysis, some basic elements of control theory and mathematical fundamental will be provided.

The course is held on campus on Fridays from 2 to 4 p.m. in D8 (MathLab session) and from 4 to 6 p.m. room E6 (theory).

Link to the course on Kiro here (access with your official credentials)

A summary of the main topics is:

  • Math fundamental: matrix algebra, complex number, use of semi-logarithmic charts, Fourier series
  • System analysis: basic definitions, system taxonomy, equilibrium, stability.
  • Continuous-time LTI system analysis: Laplace transform, transfer function, initial and final value theorem, stability criteria, first and second order step response.
  • Simulation software: introduction to Matlab and Simulink for control purpose.Control problem: main concepts, block algebra, linear control, bode diagram.
  • MathLab: introduction